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Becoming a Successful Affiliate

In order to become better in any industry, you must keep learning and staying up to date. I continue to be excited about internet marketing and I continue to read and sometimes invest in information products in which I can learn more about marketing or new techniques. I don’t particularly go out of my way […]

Affiliate Marketing for Dummies

These are some common questions that newcomers to the field of internet marketing ask. Being an online marketer for over 2 years now, I thought of sharing my thoughts and experiences about affiliate marketing with you. Hope this blog gives you some clarity on what all you can expect from affiliate marketing programs. Let us […]

Transfer Your Website The Right Way

Recently I was faced with a rather intriguing problem I hadn’t come across before – moving an entire website (indexed by Google etc.) to a completely new domain. The website was hosted by myself but the domain was owned by another affiliate (pointing at my nameservers on a revenue share basis). Upon informing myself that […]

How 2019 Google Updates Effect Your Website

Affiliate marketing has really changed over the last 12 months or so. In fact it is safe to say anyone who has a keen interest in making money online (whether it be affiliates, SEO’s, ecommerce or lead generation) will have felt that change – and if you havent yet, you soon will! At first glance […]

6 Must Have Tools for Website Development in 2019

If you’re an affiliate marketer like myself chances are you will have multiple websites across several sectors and niches (and if you don’t yet you probably will at some stage). Not only does spreading your portfolio give you a much wider potential target audience it also safeguards against one of your sites being penalised by […]

Adding Microdata to Your SEO Schema Markup

Google, Yahoo and Bing recently launched an initiative called schema.org, to create and support common ways to represent web page metadata. The project offers web publishers the tools to make their content more easily understood by search engines and more effectively represented in search results by introducing unified HTML tags (known as microdata) to help categorise and create […]

URL Shortners: Should You Use Them?

Sites like Twitter (and its 140 character limit) have helped fuel an explosion in the use of URL shorteners to generate short URLs. If you are not familiar with what a URL shortener is it basically lets you take an extremely long and difficult to remember URL and simply shorten it. For example: http://www.mywebsite.com/products/widgets/my-awesome-weight-loss-product Could […]